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Welcome to MindOpenWhy!

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It’s the first day of my first real blog.      

Things may be a bit clumsy and akward as I start out.

Not unlike birth I suppose.

Like this picture of my son the day he was born.

Bring it on world!

In fact they took this within the first hour of his life outside his mother’s womb.

He looks a bit mad, and with the typical clenched fist as if to say to the doctor who just delivered him:

“If I could talk and walk I’d curse you out and punch you in the nose for what you just did!  What is this place?  I was comfy, warm, happy and then WHOA!  That was not fun!  But I’m here now and I’m fightin’ mad so you better watch out!”

But all that comes out is a sorrowful cry and the shock of a strange, new environment.

But not without a touch of victory in that raised fist and determined look that says:

“Well, I made it through that!  What else you got?  Bring it on!”

It’s like stepping out of the comfort zone where my thoughts exist in the relatively safety of my own mind and bringing them out into a place where things are less predictable, less in my control, more open to conflict and challenge.

A place where our minds can either be open to a collective process of creation that dares to question and freely accepts that “conflict is in the nature of existence” or a place where we try to hide our anxiety behind a facade of certainty and confidence.


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